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ⅠRecent amendment to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act

  1. The status of residence “Investor/Business Manager” has been changed to “Business Manager”.(Effective Date: April 1st,2015)
  2. “Designated Activities”; a privileged status to promote accepting foreigners with the talent of highly skilled abilities was renewed to a new status of residence as “highly skilled professional(1)”and “highly skilled professional(2)”.(Effective Date: April 1st,2015)
  3. Status of residence “Engineer” and “Specialist in Humanities/International Services” was integrated into “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services“.(Effective Date:April 1st,2015)
  4. The range of status of residence ”Student” was expanded to Elementary and Middle school students.(Effective Date:January 1st,2015)

ⅡAmendments under consideration to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act

  1. Founding a new status of residence “Helper” to accept foreigners that possess the certification as a care worker.
  2. Strengthen the countermeasure to imposter residents.
  3. In order to handle foreign nationals who illegally acquire a status of residence and stay in Japan by disguising their status or activities through filing a false declaration or documents, a penalty will be established and the grounds for revocation of their status of residence will be expanded.