Work contents

Work contents

20-year-History of Noto Legal Office

 Established as a legal office specializing in immigration procedures since 1987, we have dealt with various cases concerning foreign nationals and companies.
  We are now experts in immigration procedures and establishment of companies/ branch offices, and are confident in sincerity, reliability and promptness of our service.

Consulting and Proceeding Immigration Procedures

 We can give you advices on employments and invitations of foreign nationals, and help proceed immigration procedures.

The followings are examples of procedures we can help:

Naturalization and International Marriage

 We can help procedures in naturalization, international marriage, and adoption.

Establishment of Companies / Branch Offices in Japan

 We can help administrative procedures concerning establishment of companies and branch offices in Japan, including registering companies. We can also help with the procedure of legalization of Articles of Incorporation.

Obtaining Business Licenses in Japan

 We can help administrative procedures concerning obtaining business licenses in Japan, such as construction business and real estate business.

The process of procedures varies in each case.
For further information, please feel free to contact us by call or e-mail.
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